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Let's Play! Pretend Play

Pretend Play

Toddlers learn through copying real-life activities in their play.

Pretend play with a doll lets your toddler learn language within familiar activities. Including a bath-proof doll with bath accessories (e.g., washcloth, comb, etc.) during bath time is also a perfect way to build your child's imitation with actions. Put the doll in the bath with your child. As you are washing your child, gently help your child do the same action with his/her doll. Use short phrases to talk about what is happening (e.g., "Wash feet") or sing "This is the way we wash our... (e.g., feet)."

This activity addresses the following developmental skills: Imitation of actions with objects and early pretend play

Activity Shared By:

Nicole Olesen, M.S., CCC-SLP

Nicole has been practicing speech-language pathology since 2014 and has spent the majority of her time providing early intervention services. She enjoys meeting new families and supporting parents and caregivers by providing them with tools and strategies to enhance their toddlers' development.

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