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Let's Play! Kids in the Kitchen

“Let us make our kitchens creative centers from which emanate some of the most delightful of all home experiences” -Barbara B Smith

Kids in the Kitchen! We use a variety of senses to learn about foods and if we are going to try them or not. Some of us may be more adventurous than others. But that is okay! With supervision, allow kids to be in the kitchen to help prepare a meal. This activity can be adapted for almost any age and ability. Your child may be in a high chair or standing on a step stool, just as long as they are in a safe position to interact with you. It could look like stirring with pretend or real pans and utensils, sprinkling spices into a bowl of water, or kneading dough. When we allow our children to experience the visual, tactile, and olfactory sensations of the foods we offer them, then they will be much more likely to try to taste them.

This activity addresses the following developmental skills: Using both hands cooperatively, sensory exploration of foods, creating opportunities for language around mealtimes, empowering independence, adding variety of foods eaten, and so much more!

Activity Shared By:

Magen McConnaughey, OTR/L

Magen has been practicing as an early interventionist since 2005. She has a passion for empowering parents in the care of their families. She enjoys helping families navigate feeding challenges so that mealtimes can be less stressful.

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