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Let's Play! Hide and Seek

"For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child an adult that will be."

Hide and Seek:

Want to hear your child say Momma? Daddy? Grammy? Etc. Then go hide!! Have another adult or an older sibling hold your child’s hand and walk around the home calling out “Momma”, “Momma”, “Momma” then jump out say “Momma!” After playing this way for awhile, hold your child’s hand and wait....... pause, wait, look at your child and wait some more. They just might say “Momma” to continue the game.

This activity addresses the following developmental skills: Skills: expressive language and social communication

Activity Shared By:

Jana Moreno, MA CCC SLP

Jana has been practicing speech language pathology since 1996. She has children of her own and knows the pride and joy hearing a child call out for their loved ones.

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