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Let's Play! Cozy Cove

"Hugs can do great amounts of good - especially for children." - Princess Diana

Hugs are one way of giving a child proprioceptive input. Proprioception is our body’s ability to know where it is at any given time (also called body awareness).Anytime we squeeze into a tight space, hug, or jump up and down we are getting proprioceptive input. Proprioception is the sense that helps calm us when used the right way. Most people like proprioceptive input, and many seek it out. Think about how you use propriocpetive input to calm and relax yourself throughout the you chew on pens, layer heavy blankets on your bed, take a bath, or cross your legs while sitting? All of these activities give you proprioceptive input. Proprioceptive activities added to your child's daily routines can be beneficial to help them calm down when they get upset or to relax before bedtime.

Activity: Cozy Cove

Try making a Cozy Cove for your child that is just big enough for them to fit, but tight enough that they can push their arms and legs against the sides. You can create this space out of a box, laundry basket, bath tub or plastic tote. Just make sure your child can breathe and get in and out safely.

Show us your Cozy Cove! Share photos of your child in their Cozy Cove in the comments.

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