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Let's Play! Help

"Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn. ” ~ O. Fred Donaldson


To teach a child to request help, model the sign and the word, "help" before they become frustrated. The sign for "help" is a thumbs up with one hand placed on top of the other palm. For example, when you notice that your child needs help with activating a toy, opening a snack, etc., caregiver can ask, "What do you need?" then pause and say "help" while modeling the sign, and then provide help. You can also use hand over hand prompting to assist your child with signing "help" by taking his hands and showing him how.

This activity addresses the following developmental skills: Requesting "help" using signs and words in order to reduce frustration

Activity Shared By:

K'cie Kinsinger, MA CCC-SLP

K'cie has been practicing speech therapy since 2015. One of the favorite aspects of her job is forming relationships with parents as she coaches them in creating a language enriched environment for their child.

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