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Let's Play! Crunchy Leaves

“Sometimes you have to drop the rake and play in the leaves.” ~ Douglas V’Soske

Let’s Play! Activity: Crunchy Leaves

It is fall and the ground is covered with one of nature's most versatile toys-LEAVES! They are colorful, crunchy and filled with potential learning opportunities.

For little ones, sit them in a pile of leaves and let them explore their sensory properties. Talk about how they feel (i.e. smooth, bumpy, cold). Throw them in the air and watch them fall to the ground. Talk about the sounds leaves make.

For older children, turn this into a sorting or classifying game.

-‘How many brown leaves can you collect in 2 minutes’ (counting). -‘Order these leaves from smallest to largest’ (ordering and measurement).

This activity helps to develop: -sensory exploration -visual tracking -cognitive skills

Show us what your child is learning. Share pictures of your child playing in the leaves in the comments!

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