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Let’s Play! Broken Crayons

“Break a crayon and it becomes perfect for sharing with another person.” ~ Anonymous

Activity: Broken Crayons

We all love opening a box of fresh, sharp, colorful Crayola crayons, but for young children, writing and coloring with broken crayons actually facilitates the development of a more mature grasp pattern. When children color with a full sized crayon, they are able to grasp it with their fist. However, it is more challenging to crasp a smaller, broken crayon with their fist. Instead, it is easier to hold a broken crayon with their finger tips, which facilitates a mature grasp pattern. So, don't toss those broken crayons! Give them to your toddler.

This activity develops: -fine motor coordination -mature prehension patterns

Show us what your child is learning. Share pictures of your child playing with Broken Crayons in the comments!

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